Golf Swing Plane : “Chin Up”

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In the backswing, most amateur golfers have trouble making a full shoulder turn. Some understandably because of a physical condition, but for the rest of us it’s usually because of a myriad of reasons.
One of these reasons that I see a vast majority of golfers do, is that they restrict their turn simply by having their chin pointing too low as if it is almost attached to their chest. In this position the unwanted result is that in the backswing, they sway laterally, and their the head goes back along for the ride.This will obviously pull you out of position and onto a different golf swing plane than desired. If this is something you could be accused of doing, then the suggestion below will definitely help.

Golf Swing Drill: With a driver or fairway metal wood, just before the takeaway raise your chin up, as if you were looking at someone’s chin who is standing directly in front of you..
Now concentrate on keeping your chin and head as steady as possible,(without introducing any noticeable resistance),as you take the golf club back. Be sure to let your left shoulder, ( for a righty), move under your chin, which is an indicator that you are at your completed back turn.

It is imperative that your body is limber enough to make a decent shoulder turn. Prior to swinging a golf club be sure to spend five minutes or more stretching both the muscles of your upper and lower body,( see fitness post). It doesn’t require that you lie down on the ground, as you will be able to do adequate stretches from a standing position.
My favorite for the shoulders is wrapping both arms across my chest,( as if hugging myself), them turn back and through as if mimicking the full golf swing plane. Another good exercise for loosening the shoulders, is to grab hold of the roof support of your golf cart with one arm and then slowly rotate your body away from the cart, stretching as far as you comfortably can.. Please do not over do it and risk injury.

See Reteif Goosen in the accompanying picture and notice how effortlessly his swing appears as his left shoulder moves comfortably under his chin.

At first this “Chin UP” recommendation will most likely seem too short,restricted, that you haven’t completed the backswing. But it will not be. You’ll be in great position to then perform the next important task, the downswing and you will find you’re able to deliver a more center club face strike on the back of the golf ball.

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